For over 20 years VIS has specialised in providing tailored corporate surveillance investigations on the eastern seaboard of Australia, VIS are specialists in not only city and urban assignments, but also rural and interstate matters.VIS has confidence in this statement due to the extensive experience we have gained by successfully completing a wide variety of matters across all environments. In todays’ environment there is no room for mistakes, subsequently there is an immense difference between a poorly managed and compromised investigation, to an investigation that has been completed by VIS. An investigation completed by VIS is one that our clients’
  • Can trust has been completed ethically and within the confines of the law.
  • Can trust has been crafted and executed by highly trained individuals.
  • Can trust has been completed with proven procedures and the latest technology.

All of which culminates in VIS providing consistently superior results.

After 20 years experience VIS has learnt that surveillance investigators can quite often learn incorrect techniques, techniques that have been learnt after working with less adept providers of corporate surveillance. One of the key reasons why VIS is able to consistently deliver superior results is due in part to the extensive personalised in-house training that we require all of our agents to undertake before receiving a live case. Surveillance is an art form that can only be learnt through continuous ongoing training and it is this training that VIS is able to provide to its agents. Subsequently by engaging the services of VIS you can trust that your important matters are not only being handled by well trained and experienced surveillance investigators, but also that the matter is being constantly co-ordinated and managed by one of our experienced client managers. The co-ordination between our client managers and surveillance investigators has many benefits, some of which are:
  • Constant updates with respect to the lifecycle of the investigation
  • The ability to alter instructions at any point in the investigation
  • The ability to provide expert advice and solutions from our team of client managers
  • Quality control and analysis of any evidence as obtained, thereby ensuring accuracy and integrity at the conclusion of the investigation
When engaging the services of VIS, you can be sure that all your important matters are being handled by a team of highly experienced surveillance investigators and client managers, who not only have been instilled with the five principles that we have set down, but who have also been trained in the correct and proven surveillance techniques that VIS has learnt from over 20 years experience in the insurance industry and defence forces. Subsequently for any future surveillance investigation requirements you may have, we would encourage you to contact the team at VIS to discuss how we may best be able to assist.

NSW Master CAPI Licence no.409475520
Qld Security Class 1 Licence no.3459940
Vic Security Business Licence no. 82311040S