In much the same way as VIS for over 20 years has been a market leader in providing tailored corporate surveillance investigations, VIS has also consistently been providing the same level of exceptional service for its extensive range of clients, when it comes to tailored factual investigations.

In order to consistently deliver exceptional factual investigations for our clients, VIS engages high quality factual investigators and client managers, whom we have spent considerable time and money in developing, so as to ensure that they adhere to the 5 principles that VIS embodies.

For over 20 years VIS has performed a variety of factual investigations that have covered all facets of Insurance matters, ranging from Workers Compensation, Personal Injury and Public Liability, as well as Internal HR Investigations and a variety of Litigated Matters. VIS takes pride in ensuring that in each factual investigation we undertake that:

  • Our investigations are conducted  in line with the specific instructions of our clients
  • Our investigations are conducted in an efficient and accurate manner
  • Our investigations are completed with an awareness of our clients specific cost and time constraints

All of which culminates in VIS providing consistently superior results.

So as to aid our clients’ in the decision making process, at a minimum VIS factual investigations cover the following areas to ensure that a detailed and thorough report can be delivered:
  • Detailed account of the claim
  • Details of the insured and people relevant to the matter
  • Claimants information including medical, employment & claims history
  • Details of the claimants sports & hobbies as well as license & transportation
  • The pre and post circumstances of the claim
  • Medical treatment and doctors
  • Recommendations, recovery and common law if required

However due to the changing landscape of today’s society, VIS is aware that there is an increasing need for factual investigations to be tailored for the specific requirements of our clients, in particular with the rise in psychological claims as well as the ever present inconsistencies concerning frank injuries. Subsequently VIS is able to adjust and takes pride in being able to adapt to any request that our clients present.

The flexibility and experience of the VIS factual investigation team, along with its ability to deliver detailed and accurate reports are some of the reasons why for over 20 years VIS has remained a market leader in the specialised field of factual investigations.

Subsequently for any future factual investigation requirements you may have, we would encourage you to contact the team at VIS to discuss how we may best be able to assist.

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