Case Studies no. 2 – HR Investigation

A factual investigation requested by the HR Department of a large firm was conducted into multiple harassment claims that had been lodged by a single worker against a number of male employees within her team as well as complaints against the HR representatives handling these claims. Given the sensitivity of the complaints and the issues raised by the worker in regards to the handling of her complaints our services were requested to ensure an investigation separate to the business unit could be conducted and all evidence provided and reported on by a third party to ensure the matter remained unbiased and all parties felt all issues were fairly addressed. As part of the investigation a statement was taken from the female complainant to allow her to raise each complaint she had with our investigator before then witnesses and all involved persons were interviewed. As a result of the interviews it was found that 5 of the 6 complaints raised by the complainant were unsubstantiated, with no evidence to support the claimant’s allegations and the one complaint that was proven, being swearing in the workplace was confirmed to have been correctly investigated by HR and the appropriate steps to discipline the other worker were taken. Furthermore it was established as part of the investigation that most workers had in fact removed themselves from having any interaction with the claimant as there was a general fear through the workplace that the claimant would report them over minor issues or even fabricate matters. As a result of this whilst the direct complaints were dealt with correctly, as the investigation had highlighted there was some distrust and misbalance within the team not only was there a change made to the rosters; further training and personal development was implemented into the work place for all employees to help improve the team unity and trust as well as improve the overall culture of the workplace.