Service standards for Investigations

  • Provide investigation services to clients of the highest quality in a timely and cost effective manner
  • Ensure all investigations are closely managed from start to finish to ensure the best possible result
  • Subject all investigations to a strict quality assurance process which can be tailored in accordance with the terms and conditions of each client’s service level agreements and in line with the best practice for the industry.
  • Provide a dedicated Client Manager for each investigation that works closely with each Client to ensure the effective management and control of each investigation.
  • Regular updates and communication with the Client through the progress of investigations.
  • Ensure all investigations are kept within the scope of the referral and only VIS certified & licenced investigators to conduct the work.
  • Provide detailed and accurate reporting addressing all areas of the claim that are easy to read and explicitly detailed to ensure they are self explanatory.
  • Maintain the highest level of privacy and professional integrity.
  • Commitment of developing, monitoring and improving the services provided.