HR Management Support

Our HR Management support team have over the years assisted our national and publicly listed clientele in responding and assisting with internal dispute resolutions and discreet corporate investigations that include harassment, sexual misconduct and breach of duties. At Virtual Intelligence we have also recognised through our specialised workers compensation investigations that some claims may be prevented or minimised if addressed within the workplace at a HR Level such as when a workplace complaint or grievance is made. We also understand that sometimes the resources of an individual business do not stretch far enough; as a result Virtual Intelligence offers businesses the service of being able to attend the workplace and conduct an investigation to gather all of the required information to include statements and policy reviews that will allow the Human Resources department to correctly manage and address all workplace issues as they arise. Utilising Virtual intelligence for these investigations also allows for a more balanced and transparent investigation for all involved such as the workers and management, as being a third party we will be able to clearly assess the evidence from an outside perspective and provide factual reporting on all aspects whilst maintaining balance and fairness in the workplace. So whether it is a bullying or harassment complaint, theft, performance management or any other workplace issue the team at Virtual Intelligence can assist in providing a thorough investigation designed specifically to your businesses needs.

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