VIS specialises in providing an exclusive level of investigative solutions and combined with our personalised case management services (Intelligence Support CMS), produces outstanding results for our clients consistently.   This is our product.  

The VIS management team excels in tailoring solutions to our clients individual requirements, ensuring a result focused and dedicated service that is exceptional whilst being both time and cost efficient.

VIS operates Australia wide, with the corporate head office situated in Sydney and the majority of investigations performed within NSW, QLD & VIC, both city and rural areas.   VIS ensures your requests are handled with the precision and diligence we know your business requires.

VIS evolved from both the experience and field training received by the CEO whilst serving in the Australian Defence Force and within the Australian Investigative & Security Industry.  He learnt that Discipline, Ethics and the ability to follow orders whilst thinking laterally are imperative to achieving superior results. These qualities are embedded in the culture of Virtual Intelligence, its employees and contractors.


VIS has identified five key principles that we feel have been integral in ensuring that we continue to provide exceptional service, whilst also remaining the leaders in the specialised fields of corporate surveillance and factual investigations, principles that have been instilled within our personally trained investigators and management team.

These principles are:

1. Operational integrity
2. Innovation
3. Personal service
4. Performance and result focused
5. Client satisfaction

Operational Integrity allows our clients to trust that the intelligence we have gathered on their behalf has been done so in an ethical and accurate manner.

Innovation is present in our ability to utilise the latest technologies, both in the field and here in our head office, technology such as the latest Case Management System.

Personal Service in developing tailored solutions for our clients.

Performance and Results are integral to each investigation, and one of the main keys in ensuring our clients are more than satisfied in utilising our services.

Client Satisfaction is our absolute goal. It is achieved through the combination of our Operational Integrity, Innovation, Personal Service and Performance and Results.


VIS has learnt that one of the keys’ to ensuring superior results for our extensive list of clients, ranging from international insurance corporations, multinational self insurers, insurance brokers as well as a wide range of legal firms, lies in part due to the ability of our dedicated management team.

The management team here at VIS is comprised of several client managers who are specialists in their respective fields of corporate surveillance and factual investigations.

One of the key features of the VIS management team is that they understand that without effective communication, VIS is unable to continually achieve the superior results that we take pride in delivering. Open communication between our clients, investigators and client managers ensures that each investigation is a collaborative event, which culminates in an investigation that is in keeping with our clients’ requirements.

Subsequently in light of this, VIS guarantees that when our clients elect to engage our services, that our client managers are on hand to ensure that the lines of communication are kept open throughout the lifecycle of the investigation, to attend to any question or request that our clients may have and further to provide updates to our valued clients’ as and when required.


VIS head office employs dedicated client managers who focus on the immediate needs and request that entail our client’s investigations needs. Their personal service includes incorporating VIS Intelligence Support CMS solutions to control and organise claim time lines and to maintain our service quality.

Our experienced office staff have a combined history of over 25 years service working for VIS and that’s not including our CEO’s experience and are specialised in the areas of expertise that they work in.   Their attention to detail both with reporting and review of all video, investigations, statements and updating clients whilst being hands on with day to day activities combined with our investigation team help set our service standards above all else. 


VIS has a select group of investigators who specialise in their specific field being either, Factual or Surveillance investigations and HR Management support.   All of our investigators are government licensed and they also have completed specialised in house training to ensure that the quality of their work is always of the highest VIS standard across the board.