INTelligence Support CMS

VIS realises that in todays’ environment technology is a key component in ensuring that our results are consistently of a superior standard. Subsequently in light of this VIS has spent considerable time and money in developing our personalised Case Management System (CMS). By utilising this system VIS has been able to optimise its capabilities by creating a formalised process for the management of each of our clients’ unique cases.

Our clients have found that some of the key advantages of utilising our Case Management System are:

  • Real time access to their cases, enabling up to date case progression.
  • Secure web based communication for their highly confidential matters.
  • Personalised reporting
  • Centralised data security and storage capabilities
  • Accountability regarding VIS service standards
  • Dedicated IT support

Our clients have advised that our CMS enables them to gain a better insight into the decision making process here at VIS, which in turn has provided our clients with the ability to make more informed decisions in regards to their cases.

NSW Master CAPI Licence no.409475520
QLD Security Class 1 Licence no.3459940
VIC Security Business Licence no. 82311040S